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PAPUAPOST.com is the Official News of the Republic Of West Papua, formerly owned by the West Papua Revolutionary Army, under the Secretariat-General Office.


The vision of papuapost.com is to educate the world, for a Free and Indepndent West Papua nation-state.

By educating the world, the world has a clearer and better position to support the West Papua cause proportionally, democratically, morally and politically.

Final Objectives

  1. To realize a free, independent and souvereign West Papua (western half of the Isle of New Guinea) based on the real TRUTH that welcomes justrice, unity, peace, security and harmony based on values and normas of Melanesi as the values and norms of universal human beings, i.e., to upholad life based on the TRUTH that is just as the highest value of the human rights, social justice, lasting peace, stability or democracy.
  2. Free and independent means separated from and outside the Indonesian nation-state together with its allies and colonial countries; free from all forms of violations, limiting freedom, pressure, terror and intimidation, mass murder, looting, that have direct impacts on the Land of Paradise, and the obliteration of Papuan ethic, Melanesian race from our own inheritted land, the Isle of New Guinea
  3. Sovereing means separated from all pressures and ties with and by foreign powers as as Indonesia and the Netherlands.
  4. West papua means the Papua Soil (from Sorong to Samarai);
  5.  West Papua berarti Tanah Papua (dari Sorong sampai Samarai);The TRUTH that is just as the highest value means the most important thing of all is not democracy, not human rights, but justice is. According to us, the TRUTH is the source of all and everything: be it human rights, peace, modernisation, wealth or prosperity.To finally to create a life and move towards realising a society that is civilised (humane), democratic (in social, nation and state life), advanced (in paradigm and way of thinking and acting), with the wisdom and enlightenment (based on the values and norms we inheritted from our Melanesian ancestors) that is friendly to each other, and in harmony with the surrounding environment.


  1. The main mission of papuapost.com as a service of WPNews Group Online Services of the Diary of OPM (Online Papua Mouthpiece) is to evangelise the world with the TRUTH from papua Soil and from Papua nation relating to the invasion, annexation and occupation of Indonesia over the Papua Land and Nation:
    “Spread the news as it is”, that is spread the news as it is, from and about Papua Land (Sorong to Samari), either that from the past, present and what is going to happen in the future.
  2. Educate the world everywhere you are, the negative and positive impacs of “lies” and “manipulations” on Indonesian occupation on Papua Land, and the beauty and glory of the “truth” of the history of annexation and occupation of the Paradise Land;
  3. To give lessons that educate all humanith around the world regarding the Unitary Republic of Indonesia’s occupation over West Papua.
    To educate the world of the face of West Papua as a free and independent, sovereign nation-state called the Republic of West Papua.

Motto and Slogan

Motto: Speaking for the Truth (Bersuara Karena dan Untuk KEBENARAN!)

Slogan: Educating the World, for a Free and Independent West Papua (Mendidik Dunia untuk sebuah West Papua yang Bebas dan Berdaulat).

Phylosophy of Broadcasting

We speak out “For the TRUTH”, that is the truth of “being”, not the truth of “becoming”, the real truth, not the falsified truth, the objective truth, not the subjective one, basic truth, not made up truth, the truth that stands on its own as the ‘truth’ itself, not the truth that is tied to, related to whoever whatsoever: not my truth nor our truth; not your truht nor their truth; but htis is; the TRUTH itself.

We Delare

We declare herewith, that truely, we the The Collective Editorial Board of the Diary of OPM (Online Papua Mouthpiece) is sided to the truth in its own itself, not my truth nor our truth; neither your truht or their truth, but it is the TRUTH in itself, separated from all others.


1. THE TRUTH corrects…
2. THE TRUTH frees…
3. THE TRUTH always and all the time PREVAILS.


PAPUAPOST.com acknowledges and

  1. confirms that the Tribal Peoples (Indigenous populations) have the Rights to Self-Determination,  By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.
  2. to proclaim with Indonesia that “independence is the rights of all nations, and therefore all forms of colonialism in the world should be brought to an end (Preambule UUD 1945 NKRI);
  3.  to declare that the TRUTH is always and will always, whatever happens, however it is, the TRUH can never be defeated by whoever, whenever, wherever and by whoever it is. The TRUTH is always and will always prevail, from time to time, everywhere, in front of every one dan however it is.

Therefore, we are siding on the “THE TRUTH” surrounding, before and after the so-called “Act of Free Choice” 1969 in West Irian, without any compromise, as we a sure, that the TRUTH will prevail and will finally be the winner, once and forever. That is why, Free West Papua News speaks for the TRUTH, because of the TRUTH.

Which means:

  1. “Speaking because of and for the TRUTH” means if there is no truth, then there is no need for us to speak, and/or we will be ashamed of talking about it.
    “Speaking because of and for the TRUTH” means if there is no truth then there is no need to speak for it, or if there is nothing wrong, then why should we be afraid of talking about it?
  2. “Speaking because of and for the TRUTH” means that we are confident that the truth always prevails and is the winner forever;
    “Speaking because of and for the TRUTH” means we are not trying to, and claiming ourselves as the right one, we are not siding to or against the efforts to cover up or manipulate the truth in efforts to justify mistakes made before.Which means we regard “THE TRUTH”  and speak about it as the truth, separate from the wishes and aspiration of the Papuan peoples and also claim from the Indonesian colonial government. “The TRUTH” is separate from interests or their wishes, it is distinct, fully in itself as “THE TRUTH”: not the truth of the Papuans, not the truth of the Indonesia, but it is the “TRUTH IN ITS OWN”.Therefore we only struggle to become one of thouse voices that sparks the tiny lights of the TRUTH, as we know, finally, and surely, the TRUTH itself will defent itself, and will reign as the winner.We know the TRUTH does not need me, us, nor you. It is us, however, that need the TRUTH that it is revealed and declare its total and lasting victory on Papua soil, the Paradise Land, on the Isleof New Guinea, on this Planet Earth.


Brief History

PAPUAPOST.com is the Fourth First-Hand Online News from the Jungles of New Guinea, presented by the Collective Editorial Board (CEB) of the Diary of Online Papua Mouthpiece (OPM).

The First First-Hand Online News was first posted to the Internet under the domain name of westpapua.net in November 1999 as the first Online News Updates from London, the United Kingdom, organised by the Personal Assistant to General Mathias Wenda during 1990 – 2000, Amunggut Tabi.

The Second First-Hand Online News was launched in 2002 under the domain of papuaindependent.com

The third First-Hand Online News is under the domain of westpapuanews.com strating from 200o – 2004.

And papuapost.com is the fourth First-Hand Online News from the Jungles of New Guinea, directly broadcasted under the Command of the West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) Commander in Chief, General Mathias Wenda, and organised under the daily work by Secretariat-General under the command of Lt. Gen. Amunggut Tabi sinc 2010.


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