“Slave Mentality” Will be Easily Manipulated by “Fear Factor”

Human beings who are mentally slave will not be free from fear. No matter who we are: politicians, clergymen, teachers, tribal elders, students, brave boys and girls, old and young, anybody , those who have “fear” in their life should automatically acknowledge themselves that they are mentally slave, they have slave mentality.

Slave mentality has no choice in life, mentality of surrender, mentality of uncertainty, mentality of dependence, mentality that has no position at all because slaves are totally dependent on the will, wishes and wants of their masters.

An interesting point to acknowledge is that most of slaves in human history are physically strong peoples. They work hard from morning to night, from young to old age, even until they die. They are hard-working peoples. But on the contrary, they are mentally the weakest human beings.

Most of the slaves are also spiritually and physically strong, but mentally weak, and this weakness is the gate into fear. Fear of being punished, fear of being sold, fear of being killed, fear of being anything bad that can happen to the slave.

The fear grows well because the slave status limits every rights, every possibility of making any choice in life.

Melanesian peoples today, when facing Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia, we can easily point out that we are mentally being slaved for so long. We declare that we live in free countries. We are proud that we live in Paradise South Pacific. We always declare that our country is rich of natural resources and culture. However, when it comes to talking about our identity, our freedom and our future, we suddenly put out our identity as the “true slave in this 21-st century”.

Of course Melanesia peoples have never experienced any slavery in our history like those of our fellow blacks across the Black Continent. However, when it comes to standing up and voicing our opinions and positions on various issues affecting our lives and our future generations against aggressors, colonizers and imperialists, then we suddenly become “true slaves” of the modern world.

We become powerless when being faced by Indonesian politicians. We become speechless when we are offered with some tens of kina, Vatu and dollars by the Australians and Indonesians. Our true “slave mentality” comes out when we are threatened to be attacked by the Indonesian armed forces. Slave mentality is the mentality that we Melanesians are sharing today. We must get rid of this mentality, free our mentality, then we can talk about “Free West Papua to Free Melanesia!”

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