What is Tribal Democracy?

Tribal Democracy is the term originally presented by the one of the Greatpersons our human history, Grandfather Nelson Mandela. Well, not exactly Tribal Democracy, but theoretist call it “Tribal Model of Democracy.” I found this when I was searching the Internet ten years back.

When people read this name: “Tribal Democracy”, then they will easily relate this name to “Tribe”, “Tribal”, “Primitive”, “Sectarian”, “Barbaric”, and that means ‘un-democratic.’

Well, it does make sense for me, because the word “tribe” and further “tribal” has always been negated. When people see this word, of course, they will suddenly find themselves, or without realising it, will think, “Hmm, something tribal? Something from the old ages?” It does make sense for me, because this modern culture has told us not to accept, even hate what was before, what we inheritted from our past generations.

What I actually mean, or what comes up in my own mind as soon as I think of this concept is:

  1. Something that is “prime”, “pure”, “fresh”, “golden”, so exactly the opposite of those above perception I mentioned.
  2. Banks of gold, diamond, and even more than these, that we have denied, refused to accept, and hated, but something that will embrace us and will take care of us, and will continuously sustain and nurture us, sorry, not only us human beings, but ALL Communities of Beings, and not only us, but also will make our Planet Earth stay inhabittable in a longer time that modern culture will bring us to.

I am sorry, let me just theoretically define what Tribal Democracy is. Tribal Democracy can mean one, or some, or all of the following:

  1. Democracy for All Communities of Beings;
  2. Democracy that is Based Upon Tribal System, Ways of Life and Wisdom;
  3. A System of Governance that embraces or enbridge Tribal Values into Modern Cultures;

If you ask me to relate modern definition of democracy to what I mean here, then I would say that a system of governance is called “democracy” when the business of governing is done by a free and fair ellection, chosen by majority of votes, with respect to human rights, and that promote clean governance, etc.. I see, this is a good definition to start with: “Democracy is a form of government in which state-power is held by the majority of citizens within a country or a state.” [cheack here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy] There is an element of ‘majority rule’, ‘election by the people’, and ‘supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them’. I want to copy and paste more definitions, however, I would rather say that the modern definition of democracy are all “anthrophocentric”. Any kinds or definitions of democracy that claim to care about the nature, not only humans, most notable, Democracy from the Green Movement is unfortunately “anthrophocentric” as well. Human beings are at the centre of the governance.

Well, that is not what I mean by “Tribal Democracy” by the way:

  1. Tribal Democracy is “democracy from all communities of Beings, by all communities of Beings, and for All Communities of Beings with their Planet Earth;
  2. In other words, it is a “democracy” that is run not only by Human Beings, but by all Communites of Beings.
  3. It is a form of government in which state-power is held not by majority of human citizens only, but of all Communities of Beings.

Above all, I would say that Tribal Democracy is A System of Governance that promotes a Society of communities of Beings to life in peace and harmony.

In a more spiritual language, one can say that this model of democracy is:

  1. Democracy as it was in the Garden of Eden, Paradise, Nirvana as it is written in Holy Scriptures of modern religions;
  2. Democracy that will bring us all to a life that is peaceful and harmonious among all Communities of Beings.

I know, I am not more than a tribesperson, a stone-aged person, part of the world whom you normally refer to as “cannibal tribes”, even though I have never seen any Papuan eating other humans, other than what I have seen modern peoples eating other humans, in front of my eyes, virtually every second, every minute, every day, every week, every month, every year, so far. I do not wnat to get into trouble by discussing this topic, it is not that important.

I just want to say FRANKLY, HONESTLY, HUMBLY, OPENLY, whatever -lies that would affirm that what I am saying is not just a dream, but based on realities that I have experienced in this ‘life’ that I have now, which I believe can be implemented by any civilisation who would like to live in this planet Earth, who would like to make this Planet Inhabittable, not only for our generation, but more importantly for generations to come.

I am sorry that I must end this first note now. I will go deeper in later postings.

What I am expecting from my readers, from human beings who happen to read this post is that:

  1. You provide me assistance to edit my poor English, in my blogs and in my books;
  2. Sponsor me in exploring this proposal into a more academic work, either as a Thesis or whatever it is that will make it possible for this concept for a system of governance so that modern scholars, politicians and democratic campaigners understand and share what I am actually talking about, what how this can be applicable, when and how.

See you soon.


Sem Karoba
Irish-Honorary Papuan Tribesperson

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