West Papua Struggle between “Revolution” and “Liberation”

The term "revolution" and "liberation" has been misused due to different connotation related to the two words. Papua Merdeka News (PMNews) understands that both words have fundamentally the same concept, i.e., to be free from the current situation to a different future, but they are commonly misinterpreted, particularly by western political activists and academia. For PMNews, "liberation" has more limited and narrower meaning of freedom than "revolution", because liberation is to be free from limitation, but revolution is to be free from control, power or government.


A. Revolution


a :  a sudden, radical, or complete change

b :  a fundamental change in political organization; especially :  the overthrow or renunciation of one government or ruler and the substitution of another by the governed

c :  activity or movement designed to effect fundamental changes in the socioeconomic situation

d :  a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something :  a change of paradigm the Copernican revolution

The meaning of "revolution" in West Papua Revolutionary Army and West Papua Revolutionary Constitution is

a. a complete change, not necessarily sudden nor radical

b. a fundamental change in political organization under the Indonesian government and nation-state; especially :  the overthrow or renunciation of Indonesian government or ruler and the substitution the Free West Papua Campaign organisation, in this case is the ULMWP.

c. The activity or movement of the Papuan peoples designed to effect fundamental changes in the socioeconomic situation, in Melanesian way, that promotes peace, stability and harmony across the South Pacific Region.

d. It is also a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing government, democracy, life, peace, stability and security:  a change of paradigm the Earthly revolution

Revolution is about change, a change from current to the future, fast and dramatic or slow and evolutionary change. Revolution applies to a successful rebellion resulting in a major change (as in government).


B. Liberation

a. The action of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release. ‘the liberation of all political prisoners’

b. Freedom from limits on thought or behaviour. ‘the struggle for women's liberation’

In this case, ULMWP means the action of West Papuan peoples to become free from oppression of the Indonesian authorities. The word "liberation" in ULMWP does not mean freedom from limits on thoughts or behaviour, such as freedom to participate in general election within Indonesia.


C. Revolution and Liberation

The word "liberation" is thus synonymous to what is politically correct term in political rhetoric as "internal self-determination", that seeks to become free from limitations. Whereas revolution means to be free from control or influence from a government or other party.

The word "revolution" is mostly and mistakenly understood as a "left-wing communist terminology", opposite to modern and western civilization, however, we should be mindful that what we mean by West Papua Revolution is a fundamental change, both in paradigm, ideology and in government and complete change from current colonial government to a free and independent West Papua government.

The question to ask by all West Papuans is: "Do we want freeom of West Papua from limitations or from a control and power of a colonial government? Do we want freedom within an existing government control or we want to replace the existing government?"

The term "revolution" in modern and western political rhetoric always been branded as left-wing term that contains some elements of violence and insurrection, revolt and bloody conflict, anti-religion and anti-western civilisation.In West Papua struggle for independence, the term "revolution" means, first of all, the fundamental change in paradigm and theory of life, humanity, democracy, governance and the purpose of life on this planet Earth; and secondly, it means the change of government and colonial occupation from Indonesian government and nation-state to Papuan government and West Papua nation-state.

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