Indonesian Police Arrest Again 33 People of West Papua Solidarity Fundraising for the Vanuatu Natural Disaster


Mako Tabuni, Buchtar Tabuni, dan Victor Kogoya saat member keterangan pers

This afternoon, at 12.34 West Papua time, Indonesian police arrested a West Papua Solidarity fundraiser for Victims of the Vanuatu Natural Disaster which has been temporarily taking place in Jayapura since this morning, Friday (31/03/2023).

Sector Police Chief (Kapolsek) Heram who led this arrest said: “West Papuans don’t need to do humanitarian assistance for natural disasters in Vanuatu, because Indonesia has no relationship with Melanesian countries, especially Vanuatu we have nothing to do. So there should be no fundraising for Vanuatu in Indonesia and all those who carry out humanitarian aid fundraising actions will still be arrested,” said the Kapolsek while leading the arrests.

Kaitanus Ikinia (a staff member from the Ministry of Political Affairs of the ULMWP Provisional Government) and Ones Kobak, the coordinator of the Solidarity Action, along with 31 people, were arrested and transported in two transport trucks from the Indonesian police. They have been taken to the Police station in Jayapura city for questioning.

The following is a list of names that have been arrested by the Police:
1. Elinatan Basini
2. Kaitanus Ikinia
3. Ones Kobak
4. Rizcky Nipsan
5. Tason Wenda
6. Thio Sobolim
7. Afriel Wenda
8. Ledy Kean
9. Epan Pabu
10. Eko Wenda
11. Kitas Lebitale
12. Abel Pabu
13. Jenos Dipur
14. Anius Balyo
15. Koti Uropmabin
16. Sem Kulka
17. Esten Bamu
18. Ibrahim Mok Kean
19. Gusten Meku
20. Eki Balingga
21. Noseler Logo
22. Viki Wenda
23. Oni Towolom
24. Weki Wenda
25. Beto Wandom
26. Helminus Mul
27. Melki Siep
28. Terendi Yoman
29. Saundi Wenda
30. Buyung Yigibalom
31. Predi Toto
32. Marki Kiman
33. Eis Wenda

This is the second arrest in a West Papua solidarity fundraising action for Vanuatu after previously 20 people were arrested on Wednesday (29/03), and a number of actions at several other points in Jayapura were forcibly disbanded by the Indonesian Police.

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