Public Notice: Each Party to Hold On and Think Rationally, Not Emotionally

Responding to various verbal conflicts happening lately among West Papua Leaders and Organisations,  General WPRA Amunggut Tabi

West Papua Revolutionary Army – Tentara Revolusi West Papua 
Secretariat-General Central Defense Headquarters

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Responding to various conflicts of opinions on Organisation and Approaches in Free West Papua Campaign that have been developing recently, Gen. WPRA Amunggut Tabi at the Central Defense Headquarters of the West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) hereby calls upon all parties: organisations, leaders, activists and all commanders of military fighters in the ungles to

hold on from various thoughts and campaigns in electronic and social media that are not just unroductive but looks very emotional and childish.






that tend to blame each other because:

  1. defending ourselves as the true one and blaming the others is not our main job in our independence struggle,
  2. Our main job in Free West Papua campaign is to fight against Indonesia, not gossiping each other, attacking each other, terrorizing each other and even endangering each other because such actions truly feed to the needs and goals of the Indonesian colonial government and at the same time kill or collective ideal.
  3. Let us leave this deadly virus and disease that kill West Papua independence, that is, “Suspecting each other”, and “Gossiping about each other” because this is the most deadliest disease in our struggle to Free West Papua.

From the WPRA Secretariat-General we urge all parties, particularly TPN PB – OPM under the leadership of Sebby Sambom and Jefry Pagawak, as well as Victor Yeimo and Agus Kossay to come and sit down together to think and talk rationally, from heart to heart, either via email, social media or WhatsApp Gropus or by meeting face to face in order to find solutions to the current situation that is messy and clearly sacrifices our struggles to Free West Papua.

Furthermore, Gen. Tabi states that blaming each other and listing names of each other and those who we suspect and gossip about and spread the list across the media by “black listing” each other as cooperating with Indonesia clearly shows we already fell into the trap of our enemy: Indonesia.

The atmosphere now is more than unproductive in our struggle. We have come to the level of destroying each other. WPRA therefore would like to urge all leaders to

  1. get out from the flow of “blaming each other”;
  2. get out from the flow of “clsiming ourselves as the right one”;
  3. focus on our goal, that is, to get Indonesia out from our inherited land, the territory of the Republic of West Papua.

tidak terbawa arus “saling menyalahkan” pihak lain;

We do not own Social, electronic and printed media, they are not our “customary house”, “customary table”where we can sit down and talk about various issues and resolves them.

We should come to resolve our differences and contradictory standpoints and approaches according to our Melanesian way, and let us get out from foreign media. Let us talk about our issues: differences and disagreements on approaches and leadership on face to face basis because were are always one in our goal, we are the same and one origin, we are the same and one destiny.

This letter is made public to in order to be shared among all elements and leaders of Free West Papua campaigns whereever you are.

Issued at : CDHs WPRA
On Date: 25 July 2019

Secretariat-General WPRA,




Amunggut Tabi, Gen. WPRA
BRN:  A.DF  018676


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