Govt Intact: Says Sogavare while refuting claims to oust him

Solomon Star News – The Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has refuted claims there are moves to topple his government in this parliament sitting.

Speaking in an interview Mr Sogavare described the claim baseless.

“It is a complete lie, a typical example of desperate effort by people with dirty motives to distort matters.

“I am enjoying the support of the entire government bench,” Mr Sogavare said.

Meanwhile a Cabinet minister said most MPs and ministers within the current ruling government disagree with the Party’s president Sir Thomas Chan to terminate the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare from UDP.

The minister who wants his name witheld said the DCC government is remain solid to pass its 2017 national budget when Parliament is resume to deliberate on the budget today.

“…we are confident that we will sail through 2018 with no problems.

“They confirmed and pledged each other that there is no hidden agenda and there will be none.

“DCC has the best and right policies to move the country forward during their tenure in office and beyond.”

There are speculations that Ministers will take a mass resignation or walkout from government and support the Opposition.

However the MP refuted the claim saying: “The Ministers said that we already have a legitimate government so why should we form another one with people who are only hungry for power and position at the expense of the mass.”

Prime Minister Sogavare believes that the time has come for all leaders to set aside the shackles of doubt and suspicion that only breeds perceptions and media propaganda to influence public opinion to promote self rather than unity and peace.

However, a well placed source within UDP party said, despite PM’s claim of solidarity and infact, a rift is happening within the DCC government.

“ PM is playing the old game, and responds from our President is nothing but the truth, he did not address issues UDP have raised oftently when Cabinet meets,” the source said.

The source said the PM never respects UDP Party, the Party that puts him into power to become the country’s prime minister.

He said UDP must elect a new parliamnetary leader becasuse now PM is leading DCCG without a political party that requires a legal explanation.

“Issues we need clarification on Sogavare’s membership of UDP and leader of the coalition in the light of his removal from UDP.  These questions could be raised as a point of order in parliament tomorrow (today).”

He said Prime Minister needs to realize that DCCG is UDP, PAP and Kadere, not himself.

“His leadership of DCCG is by virtue of his membership of UDP.”

Parliament resumes this morning after being adjourned from last week.


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