the Conduct of professionalism Indonesia police have to declare of public about the projectile of bullet from the murder as well as how they publishing to the public about shot dead of Mako Tabuni. The Indonesia police must be able to declare loudly trough proportional and professional work from which the type of bullet projectile and who the real actor behind the executor of the murder as long terror and shooting teken place in Jayapura Papua.
In this case Police not only can be considered that Makho Tabuni as an actor and puppeteer behind all these events. It is considered to close up the democratic space throgh repressive way by the Government of Indonesia to the people of West Papua.

Indonesia police soon as possible to publish either sample of projectile bullet taken from the victim through the manner of the scene, then all citizens and residents of Papua could also learn the results of police performance in revealing the actor was shooting for. If not still be indicate in this circumstatnce all shapes and effort in revealing cases of terror and shooting are part of close up democratic space and part of the reduce democratic process of the Papuan people.

The public can judge that the police action is only a form camouflage of the police operation carried out by a special team of Regional Police in Papua, performance and professional police disproportionately targeted because it is clear that the KNPB activist group that has being loudly voices the aspirations of the West Papuan. Indonesia can not afford to absorb this aspiration, although some Papuan are seeking dialogue Papua with Jakarta mediate by other neutral country but Indonesia addressed precisely this aspiration neglected forms of special operations contained in an clandestine intelligence operation this was to reduce the quasi-democratic form of expression.

Expectation to the near future the police should be able to reveal a bullet projectile of any incident in the city of Jayapura, if the government still considers Papua part of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, police must be alleged the bullet projectile about the first shooting of the one of KNPB activist Terjoli Weya in front of KOREM Padambulan Jayapura last months ago and the shooting of foreigner in Base-G beach rivals.
Police performance in the eyes of the international community and the public can judge the professional Indonesia police, if all of these cases in unloading from the beginning to avoid the police understand the discrimination performance.

Indonesian police are not only shooting the Mako Tabuni with stated that had prosecute the masterminds and perpetrators of the shooting in order to obfuscate the truth in the eyes of publicity through various media, but the bullet has not been announced projectile means finding out where the bullets and weapons that can be obtained and the actors can use it?, then keep track of who the provider of weapons and bullets? It must be published, but the police are not able to reveal it then, clearly indicated police have camouflage, or the government of Indonesia twisting facts just to muffle the democratic space in the land of Papua.

Based on the assessment is appropriate to say the nation of Papua in colonization and neo-colonial Homeland of Papua, this was approve and the firing was part of the terror and intimidation by Indonesia government against Papuans to suppress democracy.

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