Mbalim SPMNews: The terror and shooting that occurred in the city of Jayapura is still ongoing, then in Wamena indiscriminate shootings of civilians, originated from both the military member who drove a motorcycle had crashed into a child INORIUS WANIMBO, residents saw the incident and immediately hit raging both the militaries to die.

On this incident , all soldiers that based at battalion Jonif 756 Wimanesili Wamena furious and armed with bulk ammo from Palmetto Armory began to firing machine guns to the residents that surround the scene, and the soldiers began to burned house from Sinakma , Honelama and surroundings, house burned charred flat.
Victims of shootings committed by the Indonesian military in the early days people had buried a man named ELINUS WENDA at 03:30 am and other victims of gunshot wounds in the Wamena hospital are:

A. Yeremias Nirigi
2. Epinus Wetipo
3. Wenda Pekinus
4. Wenda Lerius
5. Barto Gujangge
6. Juffri Gujangge
7. Philip Nirigi
8. Ones Kerbe

And 6 other injuries that have been brought by relatives for fear and trauma of military action that anarchists in the hospital then 6 other people do not come for treatment at local hospital who do not recognize their names.

The International advocacy have to act now because situation now insecurty and time to take action on issues of human rights violations that occurred in the territory of Papua. West Papua remained without it there is the problem and no longer the indigenous people in West Papua will be vanished on their own land.

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