PAPUAN, Jakarta --- Related news Mako Tabuni shot, Chairman of the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB) by the police in Waena , Jayapura, received responses from Dorus Wakum, Human Rights Activist (HAM) in Jakarta.

"Mako Tabuni shot shows the character of the security forces and the government of Indonesia is very barbaric and inhumane.

This is a gross human rights violations, and officers who did the shooting should be prosecuted, "said Dorus, when contacted, this afternoon, Friday (15/6).

By Dorus, thugs or terrorists is not even worthy of being shot to death in place, let alone use a type of long-barreled firearm.

"Mako shot with a long-barreled weapon by plainclothes police officers. He did not take the fight against the authorities, let alone have a firearm as alleged security forces, "said Wakum.

Based on the information obtained, further Dorus, Mako did not take the fight, let alone seize weapons belonging to officers returned fire.

"The news spread a lie that high-ranking police that Mako Tabuni was shot for trying to fight, this is totally untrue," Dorus defense.

Warpo Wetipo, one of the administrators KNPB said that Mako was shot while eating betel nuts in the third round of the ojock station in Waena Perumnas III together with a second cab colleagues.

"Without question, the plainclothes officers got out of the car died instantly embank Mako Tabuni. This event is witnessed by the mass and spin around a few activists KNPB taxi III Housing Authority, "added Warpo.

When this body was interred Mako Tabuni at the funeral home on post 7 Sentani, and the funeral will be conducted tomorrow.

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