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Oh Kava, Mi Ded Long You!

Oh Kava, Mi Ded Long You!
Open Letters from the Koteka Children: Edition XIIIa
To Hon. Her Excellency: ni-Vanuatu

Sem Karoba,

@nti-copyrights w@tchPAPUA
January 2005 – March 2008
[Please feel free to make copies & distribute, as widely as possible across Melanesian Archipelago]

The Koteka Tribal Assembly (Demmak)
Messenger for the International Community
P.O. Box NONE, Port Numbay, West Papua,
Port Numbay, 18 December 2004

To My Dear Kava
c/o Lou Ko Tai Nakamal
The Black Man Town,
the Island of Tanna,
The Republic of Vanuatu, MELANESIA
Subject: Kava! Mi Ded Long Yu!

Dear Darling,

Since we met at the first time at Crossroads Kava Bar in Blacksands that evening, you totally and drastically changed my life. The changes are indescribable as they are beyond imagination of any kinds and above any words I have in my memory and my knowledge to describ…